Directors and Staff

Barbara Elder

Barbara Elder President

Barbara came to Nantucket in 1981 to serve as director of Nantucket Community Music Center (NCMC), a position she held for 10 years. A choral conductor and music theater director, she was active with many NCMC concerts, Theatre Workshop and Actors Theatre productions. She was Music Coordinator of the Nantucket Public Schools for 25 years and upon retiring assisted NCMC moving to their new home at 56 Centre St. Serving as NAC president since 2015, Barbara is committed to supporting the arts community of Nantucket as well as the recently formed Nantucket Cultural District through festivals, grants and scholarships.

Beverly Hall

Beverly Hall First Vice President

Beverly has been a professional photographer on Nantucket for over 40 years, well-know for her evocative and profound imagery. In 2002, she received her Masters of Divinity from The Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA. She is the founder of the annual Shakespeare in the Garden performance and celebration, and is a long-time member of the Nantucket Arts Council Board of Directors.

Pam Murphy

Pam Murphy Secretary

Pam was encouraged as a child to appreciate music and pursue playing the organ, flute, piano and guitar, often playing jazz together with her older brother. Following on her grandmother’s footsteps, she now plays ukulele. As an adult she was bitten by the theater bug and pursued as many acting opportunities as were available on Nantucket.  She was owner/operator of Wolfhound Imports on Main Street, Nantucket and Johnstons Cashmere on Federal St. over 25  years. In the meantime, Pam served as Board Secretary and then President of TWN (Theatre Workshop of Nantucket), Founder and Board President of NiSHA (Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals) for 8 years and currently serves as Board President for Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket (MMAN) in addition to her duties on the NAC Executive Committee as Secretary.

Jill Sandole

Jill Sandole Office Manager

Jill Sandole takes eye-pleasing photos of Nantucket scenes, beautifies the island with plant and flower arrangements as a longtime member of Nantucket Garden Club, creates exquisitely colored ‘pysanka’ Ukrainian Easter eggs, and occasionally dances on stage. A former teacher’s aide in Nantucket Public Schools and a dance-fitness instructor, Jill has helped organized and present dozens of arts and cultural events on Nantucket, including as former event planner for Bartlett's Farm.

Reggie Levine

Reggie Levine President Emeritus

Reggie has been a witness to the arts and culture of Nantucket Island for many decades and has been at the center of Nantucket’s arts renaissance. He is one of the original founders of the Nantucket Arts Council, and served as President several times. He has also been a professional art conservator and restorer, set designer, actor, lecturer, and an accomplished artist painting in a variety of media. 

board of directors

  • Allan Bell - Advisor
  • Elizabeth Morris
  • John Belash
  • Katie Kaizer
  • Kathy Garre Ayars
  • Kimal McCarthy
  • Maura Wendelken
  • Robert Frazier
  • Sabrina Sutro Elwell
  • Sharon Lorenzo
  • Bee Shay - Advisor
  • Dan Driscoll - Advisor
  • Dr. Greta Feeney - Advisor
  • Gene Mahon - Advisor
  • Russell Carson - Advisor