Dear Friends of the Nantucket Arts Council,

With 47 years of continuous success in fulfilling our mission, we are committed as ever to helping keep the arts alive, relevant and accessible in our community.

This year we are focusing our organization on artists and assisting them in sustaining their artistic endeavors during this unusual time of the pandemic. We continue to plan for our annual Arts Festival which is now moved to Spring 2021. We will plan for an outside display and a virtual component. It is our goal not to miss our festival celebrating the arts!

In my fourth year as president, I have been so encouraged by all I see happening in the arts on this island. There is tremendous growth and value in our Nantucket cultural institutions and a burgeoning community of individuals making their living through the arts. Through our grant-giving programs, we have helped to foster numerous projects of both institutions and of individual artists. We continue to give annual scholarships to graduating seniors from Nantucket High School. In the future, when it is allowed, we plan to resume our concert series with Nantucket Dreamland and the Nantucket Schools. Our dream is to continue supporting the arts in these ways.

After being the third-party management agency of the Nantucket Cultural District since its inception, we are delighted now to hand over its management to the Town of Nantucket’s Culture and Tourism Department, under the direction of Janet Schulte. This change will streamline the state-to-town communication and coordination. We have enjoyed being part of the process and look forward to wonderful new developments in the future for our district.

I invite you to join us in our mission to keep the arts alive, relevant and accessible on our beautiful island and in the lives of all who live here and visit. You can do that now by donating to our organization. Thank you for supporting the arts and carrying on our tradition.

With appreciation,
Barbara Elder