Alexandra Kopko's story

Alexandra graduated from Nantucket High School in 2009 and received the Nantucket Arts Council Scholarship the following year. She used the award funds to travel to New York City and for dormitory housing while studying at Marymount Manhattan. She graduated from Marymount in May 2013 earning a Bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts with a performance major and minor in musical theater.

Alexandra, lives in New York City, has had a love of theater since childhood, and at age seven performed her first stage role in the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket’s production of “The Miracle Worker.” Currently, she is acting in “The Brothers Booth,” a play about John Wilkes Booth, at the Player’s Club in Gramercy Park.

“It meant so much.  I was so grateful, because without the help of the Nantucket Arts Council it would have been very difficult to go to the school I chose. Without that school, I wouldn’t have any of the connections or training I have now. The arts council propelled me forward and gave me the opportunity to pursue my career, which means the world [to me].”

Thanks to her Nantucket Arts Council scholarship, actor, singer and dancer Alexandra Kopko has had the chance to follow her dreams.