Georgie Morley's story

Graphic designer Georgie Morley works in a versatile range of services that allow her to fulfill several roles in the field of commercial art. She graduated from Nantucket High School in 2010, the year she was chosen for a Nantucket Arts Council Scholarship.

Georgie applied her scholarship directly to her tuition at Ithaca College, where she graduated this May with a degree in integrated marketing communications. During her college years, Georgie began to get paid for commercial art commissions. This June she was hired as the social media manager at Bai 5, an all-natural, healthy beverage maker in Princeton, New Jersey. The job also allows her to create images for the brand’s website.

Georgie is thankful in many ways for her scholarship assistance, notably because the Nantucket Arts Council award, along with other local financial support, has made it possible for her to get a valuable arts education without graduating under the burden of crushing student debt.

“The [Nantucket Arts Council] scholarship meant a lot because I had freedom to choose a career without the stress of having to pay back loans,” Georgie said.

A 2010 graduate of Nantucket High School and recipient of a Nantucket Arts Council Scholarship, Georgie Morley works today in a versatile range of graphic design services.