Sean Donnan's story

Illustrator Sean Donnan works in diverse techniques but has a particular fondness for digital art. He graduated from Nantucket High School in 2007, the same year he received the Nantucket Arts Council Scholarship. In 2010 he received the council’s Johnson Scholarship. He graduated from UMass Dartmouth three years ago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Sean applied his grant funds directly toward his college tuition. Since 2011, he has expanded his artistic knowledge into freelance work and has been producing a volume of digitally rendered prints, which he sells at Japanese animation conventions. He has also developed his portfolio in pursuit of either a job as a staff commercial illustrator or in independent commissions. Sean continues to building his portfolio of Japanese mythological creatures, which he hopes to market for projects such as video games or video programs. He is also learning wood block printing.

Sean attributes most of his efforts and successes to furthering his arts education, something that would have been far more difficult without the support of scholarships.

“I can’t express enough my gratitude for [the scholarships] because my family doesn’t have a ton of money and any scholarships really helped,” said Sean. “I feel very fortunate, and not just to have any scholarship, but one that is for the arts.”

Digital artist Sean Donnan, a 2007 graduate of Nantucket High School, has already found professional success in designing Japanese anime and commercial illustration.