Nettles Award

Margaretta Nettles Award for Excellence in the Visual and Performing Arts

The Margaretta Nettles Award was established to honor the lifelong accomplishments and memory of weaver Margaretta Nettles, and to recognize artists who excel in the visual and performing arts. The Nettles Award is under continuing development and more information will be announced soon.  This award is broad-based.

The 2022 Margaretta Nettles Award was given to Elizabeth Obremski, creator and performer of Nanpuppets and "the Lizza Show." The Margaretta Nettles Award for excellence in the Visual and Performing Arts is left in memory of Anita Nettle's mother, Margaretta Nettle. The intention of this award is to recognize an individual in our community for excellence in the arts. The Nantucket Arts Council Board selects an artist and gives this award out no less than every other year. Past recipients include weaver Cara DeHeart and potterer/musician Jacob Butler. We are so pleased to recognize Lizza for her contributions to the Nantucket Community.

In 2017 it was awarded to Nantucket textile artist Cara DeHeart. The past recipient in 2009 was Nantucket textile artist Alison Herr.