Signature Events


Downtown Concerts have been produced by Nantucket Arts Council for over two decades. The productions showcase outstanding professional musicians from the national and international musical scenes, keeping music alive on Nantucket for our year-round residents.


Saturday, September 29, through Sunday, October 7, multiple locations

The Methodist Church at 2 Centre St (at Main Street) again serves as The Nantucket Arts Council Art Exhibit and homebase.

A celebration of arts and culture on Nantucket. Many of the island's arts and cultural groups have scheduled special programs during the festival. The annual features a broad array of arts and culture on Nantucket, a celebration which includes visual, musical, theatrical, literary, and other fine arts along with appreciation of the island’s historical, architectural, and other cultural assets. 

This year's theme of “Avoiding the Unusal - Experiencing the Unforseen in Unusual Ways” is meant to be interpreted literally, figuratively, or playfully. Events included the experimental NAC Art Exhibit; NCTV Nantucket Shorts, a video shorts mini-festival; and other events which are listed in our calendar.

Nantucket Arts Council encourages Nantucket’s many arts and culture groups to begin thinking of special programming during the festival. 

Artists: download your 2018 Nantucket Arts Festival artwork submittal form here!


Presented this year to BEVERLY HALL

This year the Arts Council was honored to present the Nantucket Arts Council Merit Award to Beverly Hall. Beverly Hall has contributed and nourished the arts community since moving to the island in 1964. On her arrival, she established the Children's Gallery on Old South Wharf and launched art classes for children. Her life long career commenced as a black and white portrait photographer and recorder of the island's physical beauty with a deep connection to the essence of her camera's subject. The arts and spirituality are central to Beverly's life witnessed in the development and care of her Madaket home and gardens. In most recent years, Beverly Hall has created and performed in "Hanna in Her Garden: An Afternoon at Greater Light.”  Hanna Monaghan and her sister Gertrude, who transformed Greater Light from a livestock barn into their summer home and artistic retreat in the 1930s, were daring, eclectic, and passionate about the arts. Beverly Hall brings the spirit of Hanna to life as she reads from Hanna’s writing and memoirs in the lush garden of the NHA’s Greater Light historic property. With an insatiable appetite for creativity, Beverly is also embarking on an Nantucket Community Television show called "Passion for People," interviewing and collaborating with exciting Nantucket artists.  Inspiring and mentoring many artists, Beverly Hall has served many years on the Nantucket Arts Council Board.

The award, presented occasionally to appropriate recipients, traditionally honors those individuals who have enhanced, and shaped the course of Nantucket cultural life in a profound and lasting manner. In 2015, Nantucket Arts Council presented its Merit Award to longtime Nantucket arts leader and former Main Street Gallery owner Reggie Levine. Past recipents include Max Berry (2013), Cecilia and Seward Johnson (2012), Paulette Allemand (2011), Lucile W. Hayes (2005), Deborah Beale (2004) and Susan P. Jarrell (2003).